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Buying Guide for New Parents

Having a baby can be a daunting time for all new parents and knowing what you need to buy is hard as they do not come with an instruction booklet!  As a mum of 4 myself I thought I would put a guide to what you may need and hopefully assist in removing some pressure from you.

Shopping for your baby can be overwhelming as there is just so much baby equipment to choose from, just think about what is the most suitable for you and your lifestyle.

I have tried to group items into sections but as I said these are just a guide and what I personally would recommend.


The advice of the NHS is that baby sleeps in your room for about the first 6 months so you may want the following:

  • Moses basket or crib
  • Room thermometer for making sure you baby’s room isn’t too hot or cold, a temperature between 16 and 20 degrees ideal for babies safety and comfort.  Some thermometers can also used to measure bath water temperature too, so you only need to buy one.
  • A good quality baby monitor to give you peace of mind when you finally get to relax downstairs!

At around six months, your baby can move into their own nursery so you may wish to buy:

  • Cot with a waterproof mattress cover
  • Fitted sheets
  • Swaddling blankets
  • Baby mobile
  • Room blackout blinds

Bath Time

Newborn babies usually just need a quick top and tail using cotton wool or a sponge, however  it won’t be long before your baby is loving a good splash in your bath with their toys.  A lively newborn in a bath with bubbles can be like handling a bar of soap and make for a stressful time so a bath seat or bath support can help to make the situation a little easier and a lot less nerve-racking for you as a new parent.

I found the following items very useful:

  • A bath support
  • A thermometer, as mentioned in the Bedtime section you can get one which is suitable for both the babies nursery and also the bath, these are great and also help to save you money.
  • Soft baby towels
  • A non-slip bath mat
  • A good quality baby grooming kit which includes nail clippers, hairbrush and comb


This is probably the most rewarding time for new parents and babies alike, it’s fun and also helps to aid with your babies development. With so many toys to choose from it can be hard to decide the right ones for you, it all boils down to personal preference but some of the most popular ones I have found are:

  • Play mats and gyms
  • Support rings for when your baby can sit unaided
  • Hand held rattles and teething toys
  • Activity toys with bright colours, new textures and sounds

Out and About

Getting out of the house can be a challenge, I had twins and it felt like I was packing up half the house just to go to the shops!  When you do want to get some fresh air or nip to the shops (I type nip with a smile on my face!) then some items I found useful are as follows:

  • A good quality changing bag to keep everything in one place
  • A parasol for your pram or push chair
  • A mirror for the car so you can keep an eye on your precious cargo
  • Sun blinds may be required for your side windows

Advantages of swaddling a baby or newborn

Swaddling reproduces the same snug and calming environment of the womb which is in total contrast to the new loud, bright world that is totally alien to your new born baby. Swaddling is enjoyed by so many babies.

Some advantages of swaddling a baby are as follows:

  • Makes baby feel more secure
  • Makes baby feel safe
  • Keeps baby snug and warm
  • Keeps baby from being frightened by his/her own startle reflex
  • Helps to soothe your crying baby
  • Helps to relax an over stimulated baby
  • Promotes better sleep for baby

Perfect for new babies, recreating that familiar womb feeling, The Summer Infant Swaddle Pod® has been developed together with leading safe sleep experts. The Swaddle Pod® is ideal for very young babies and premature babies in that it creates a cosy womb like feeling for baby. It helps prevent baby from startling awake due to a snuggle feeling. Simple and easy to use, just zip baby into pod.

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